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Tamara Cherry is a trauma researcher, survivor advocate, and award-winning journalist who spent the bulk of her career in some of Canada’s largest newsrooms. In late 2019, Tamara left her post as CTV News Toronto’s crime specialist to form Pickup Communications, a public relations firm that supports trauma survivors and the stakeholders who surround them.

Tamara is the author of All the Bumpy Pebbles, a novel about domestic sex trafficking that was inspired by the stories shared with Tamara by survivors. Her forthcoming non-fiction debut, The Trauma Beat: A Case for Re-Thinking the Business of Bad News, focuses on her research examining the impact of the media on trauma survivors and the impact of trauma on members of the media. Part-journalism, part-memoir, The Trauma Beat draws on the experiences of more than 100 trauma survivors — from homicides to traffic fatalities, sexual violence to mass violence.
Tamara is a regular voice on Newstalk 1010 radio in Toronto and across the iHeart Radio Talk Network. She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan with her partner and their three kids.

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